What an exciting week we had in Chicago!!
 As exciting as it is to play tourist in a new city, the excitement of attending the wine show made it all that more enticing! An opportunity to meet with 200 winemakers, winery owners and distributers. Time for a little feedback, show my wares, know if my passion for wine and art has a future? So, I got busy!! After all, you need to have a visual to show people who you are, and what you do!!
wine show promo
I need to have a better understanding “how do I market what I do” “How do I turn my creative passion into a full time job?” Big questions…
But of course, we are in Chicago…so first we play tourist!!
Chicago tourist
Walking around the city is over, time to get ready for the show!!
Upon arriving (we are 40 minutes early and already we are standing in a line up)
I look around and see so many people who are waiting with us. I wonder, what are they here for? Are they restauranteurs? Wine enthusiasts, wine bloggers…I soon come to learn that the majority of people attending are simply wine lovers!! This is a unique venue where wine lovers get to try unique and outstanding wines, the best of the best of the vineyards that were exhibiting!
wine show
We are given a souvenir glass which will also be our glass to try all the delicious wines being offered to us on this night. Our time is limited, we only have 3 hours! Not a lot of time when you consider all the wines to try and a small chat with the winemaker … our time was limited…so much to do, so much I want to say to the winemakers..
One of the most intersting women I had the privelege to meet was Sarah Marquis. She and her husband Sparky are the creators and the driving force behind the incredible Mollydookers Wines. I am offered the chance to try the newest release 2012 Carnival of Love Shiraz  -ranked No#2 Wine in the World ( it is beyond outstanding!) Sarah was there at the show, and we had a few moments to chat. She briefly looked at my brochure and  was quite honest with me. She admired the art (I slightly beamed inside) she asked if she could keep a copy and would think about it…would need a little time to think about what avenues would be the best to take with the products I create!! Wow…just the fact that she offered blew me away!
As a footnote, when I came back home, I immediately emailed Sarah to thank her for taking the time to chat with me, how much I appreciated her input and of course what a big fan I am of her wines (which I truly am!)
I was shocked and so impressed to see that she wrote back within a few hours of receiving my email! WOW!!
This is one impressive classy lady! I am a devoted fan of Mollydooker wines…for now and always!
mollydooker email
The night was a success , we chatted with some very intersting winemakers, and distributers. We got a rare opportunity to taste some incredible wines from all over the world!
In summary from my whole experience, although I did not sell my ideas to anyone, nor did I make any contacts for me to follow up on, I am still inspired to go on.  I am still motivated to keep pursuing my dream, that my wine art has a place in the world, I just need to find the road to take for my journey to continue..and the right walls to fill!
hanging canvas



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