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So today I decided it was time to put all I want out into the Universe! I have been told if you want it, visualize it..make is stare at you everyday until it becomes real! And so a  new art project is born!

Vision Boards are very much a thing of today. Just google “Creating a Vision Board”..and you will see how many links there are to get you started. First thing I had to do was really think about my business, my goals, my life and what do I need in front of me to inspire me every day! And so begins the googling, printing, searching, cutting, and tearing phase, almost there!

prep workNext step was to determine what size canvas I wanted (I chose 16 x20″ ) not to big, not too small! I decided to paint it red, with a little bit of texture and added color. I have always been drawn to red and I feel like it is my lucky color.Painted Canvas


My canvas is ready and all my papers are cut! Next job was to place it on the canvas so I can really start to visualize how it will all look and what will go where!placement picI am feeling good about what I have chosen, although I feel as though there may come a time where I will want to add more to it, and there is still plenty of room on my canvas for future inspirations! I remove it all and start gelling it down.  I love my quotes because they are really everything I believe in. The bottom line is be happy, be healthy, and keep moving forward! Even if something bad happens, it needed to happen for something else to take it’s place.


final result   my deskMy project is complete! I have hung it above my computer where most of my days are spent! I have done it! I have put it out to the Universe and now I get to see it, visualize it, and do everything in my power to make it real! Because I am an entrepreneur, there are no more excuses, and everything happens for a reason! Today will be the day….it all finally comes true!






I believe in Fate, simple as that!!

We are destined to be a place, at a certain time for a reason. You cannot understand it, but there is a reason for everything. My favorite example, I was living in London Ontario going to University. My future husband to be was living in Calgary Alberta. I came back to Montreal to visit family over Christmas break, and he came to Montreal to visit friends. Rockland shopping center had just opened, I was on my way with my friend “Bruce”. My dog had to be walked, there was traffic, we had to find a parking space…blah blah blah..all that to say, I ended up finding the one parking space left near the food court entrance. As I was walking in…my “now husband” was walking out after a long day of shopping. (we had known each other from High School, but life had for many years taken us on different paths) He saw me and called out my name! “Lisa!! …remember me, David from old Chomedey days” We chatted briefly, caught up in the few minutes we had and went on our merry ways. He walked away, called his mother told her he had met the woman he was going to marry! The rest as they say is history! That was almost 30 years ago!

This has led to my absolute belief in fate. It is not a coincidence that you are at a store, or in a building and you bump into someone. It is meant to happen and these are all pivots in our lives. It is the moment your life takes an alternate route! No encounter or chance meeting is a mistake. It is a moment that was meant to happen.

The road to rediscover myself has had it’s challenges, and self contemplation, and re evaluation of my life and my wants and needs. Everything happens for a reason, we are all not put on this earth by chance. The friends we have, the family we are lucky enough to be apart of, are all part of a bigger plan.

Everything happens

So enjoy the ride, the glass is always half full, and hopefully it’s a good glass of wine!



The Social Media highway is often difficult to navigate on, one must constantly remember to post on all avenues, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin..am I missing any?

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It’s not only the challenge of remembering to post..but what will you post? How can my 0.5 hundredth of a second in your feed catch your attention. Enough that you will look at it, like it, and answer my prayers and “Share” it?? Is it too much to ask? At the end of the day, I am just trying to build my business, find people who will be interested in my products outside of my family and immediate friends. While I am eternally grateful for their financial support and interest, the real test it all the people on the Worldwide web…where are those customers? I watch podcasts, and follow Social Media Guru…and try and be creative and interesting…but am I? One day at a time, be patient, it will all come…that is what I keep telling myself! As we approach the end of 2014, I have learnt a lot about myself on this most interesting journey. I am finally being “True to who I am” and going after my long desired dream! Creating, and working with people for both customized art, and one of a kind hand painted Journals and day timers. Painted, dirty – goopy, hands = happy hands!! Happy Hands = Incredibly Happy Person!! (That would be me!)

Here’s to 2015. To the challenge of the build, the excitement of the growth, and the celebration of doing what you love every day!

Cheers & always remember to “Embrace the Journey!”

Embrace the Journey